31 Days... Things I learned

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I learned that this challenge was too much for me.  I feel like a total failure.  BUT it's ok!  If you remember, I got a free copy of Zach Anner's book If At Birth You Don't Succeed,  I finished reading it yesterday, and I put up a review on Goodreads.  Free books are cool.  Writing for the public everyday, not so much.


Once I wasn't sewing every night, I really didn't have anything good to say.  Instead, I went back to work on the long post I have planned for January 1st.  That feels good.


I learned also that I can go to work everyday, sew each night, and write before bed, but it was only satisfying for a week or so.  


I read some cool blogs written by people who were also trying to do the challenge.  That was cool.  


I am ready to get back to sewing.  Next week, I'll get back to all of those unfinished projects I talked about on December 1st.


Make sure you stop by after the new year to check out what I have planned for 2016!


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